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 "How can we work together to address priority needs for children aged 0-5 in Oxford?"


6th of December marked the final date of the Oxford Early Years Rapid Action Lab. Lab participants got together in order to celebrate their new relationships and their hard work since the Kick-Off Workshop in June and to look ahead to the possibilities to continue the work throughout 2019.

The day ended with a community lunch for participants and guests to celebrate their achievements and continue to strengthen relationships and increase trust.

Below you will find documentation from Studio 6 - Closing Studio off the Inter-cycle, including: Flow of the day; Action Teams & Prototypes and Evaluation Data.




09:00 - Arrival & Registration: Meet the Lab Team.

09:50 - Welcome & introductions

We began they day with welcoming everyone to the last studio and an overview of the agenda and the purpose of the studio. The purpose of the studio was the following:

  • Cultivate relationships

  • Celebrate the past

  • Honour the future

09:55 - Check-in & Future Thoughts

Check-ins can be thought of as a warm up and a cool down and are often phrased as questions. Check-ins are used to gather participants as the first thing you do at a studio or a meeting where you ask for and allow all voices to be heard and expressed. 

After the check-in Sara Fernandez went over the many possibilities the future hold for the Oxford Early Years lab.

10:05 - Evaluation & Reflections

This part of the agenda was meant to give the participants space to evaluate the rapid action lab and look into how the process been from their perspective.

The questions the participants were invited to look into was:

What value does the lab bring to the early years and the lab participants?

The participants looked at three different kinds of value:

  • Social value

  • Human value

  • Intellectual value

  • Financial value

11:10 - Break

11:20 - Group Future

Time for the group to meet up and have discussion around their future. Couple of groups have planned events after 6th of December and even so far as in January.

11:35 - Presencing

By the definition of the Presencing Institue presencing is “Connect to the Source of Inspiration and Will: go the place of silence and allow the inner knowing to emerge”.

The participants were invited, through guided journaling, to bring the “I” into the future of their work.

The questions were the following:

  1. How is you breathing at this moment?

  2. The last weeks: what new questions have occurred in your mind?

  3. Think of two people you know: what is their hope for your future?

  4. What elements from this process would you like to bring into your future?

  5. Who could help you make your future hopes possible?

  6. When you now end this journaling, how will you carry it with you into the near future?

12:00 - Evaluation Survey

The participants filled out an evaluation of the studio and the lab work. Purpose of it is to make sure that the participants are getting the most out of their experience and that the work is benefitting the early years system in Oxford.

12:10 - Celebration & Closing Down

The last part of the day was dedicated to celebrating the work and the new relationships that he

12:40 - Looking ahead & Networking Event

The facilitator wished the teams good luck and Sara Fernandez closed down the day. Valerie, Anna Thorne, Ellen, Tora and Anna, an ensemble of lab participants and the the Kaospilot team (see more on Studio 4 site), planned a networking event on the 26th of November. The is an event will be an opportunity to meet in a casual setting, foster conversations and invite external people.

13:00 - Community Lunch

14:00 - End

Screenshot 2018-12-10 at 19.30.15 PM.png

What value does the lab bring to the early years in Oxford and the lab participants?





Copy of 2018_OxRal_Studio5-11.jpg

Joining the Tots

Copy of 2018_OxRal_Studio5-7 (1).jpg


Copy of 2018_OxRal_Studio5-5.jpg

In the Loop

Copy of 2018_OxRal_Studio5-6.jpg



Mission statement:

“A buddy network for professionals or people engaged with children to learn how to facilitate spaces in Oxford for any families to come together to Oxplore, experience and build memories.”


“An opportunity to create a more accessible Oxford for many!”

Learn more about the Oxplorers here!


Mission statement:

“A way to make more visible and accessible information about the services that already exist to support under 5’s in Cutteslowe.”

“If only one ‘invisible’ child is able to access services and improve their social and emotional development - that seems like a big impact.”

Learn more about Joining the Tots here!


Mission statement:

“To develop capacity and remove barriers for those who care for children aged 0 - 5 through training, support and events”


More confident and resilient parents and carers of children under 5

  • Increased wellbeing for children under 5

  • Increased social mobility in the Early Years system of Oxford

Learn more about OxNest here!


Mission statement:

“In the Loop exists to empower parents to empower other families and to build community support networks. In the Loop offers training and support programme for parents wanting to support families with children aged 0-5”


“In the Loop wants to help create a world where under 5's get to have positive experiences that build resilience and relationships, and where parents, including the volunteers, grow in confidence.”

Learn more about In the Loop here!


Mission statement:

“Little Ones Learning At Home supports parent-child interactions by promoting parental understanding of ways to support the language and communication development of their child (aged 0-2) by offering interactive library-based sessions, and a pop-up concept which visits community projects and environments. LOLAH aims to develop a parent-led approach.”


“That the language and communication development of 0-2 year olds in Oxford will be actively promoted by the families and the community in order to boost receptive and expressive language outcomes at school entry.”

Learn more about LOLAH here!



  • Anna Thorne

  • Carol Lister

  • Lisa Fern

  • Beth Knighton

  • Fiona Brimson



  • Cheryl Huntbach

  • Clare Crossley

  • Dave Tullett



  • Laura White

  • Doireann Lalor

  • Shilpa Bhatt

  • Fiona Henderson

  • Annie Davy



  • Suffia Hussain

  • Ellie Clarke-Jacques

  • Alice Weaver

  • Nuha Abdo

  • Shaz Ajmal

  • Tina Gordon

  • Kathy

  • Ginnie Herbert



  • Valerie Knight

  • Rebecca Matthews

  • Lindsey Hart

  • Daisy Brown




See the full evaluation of the Oxford Early years rapid action lab here.