In the Loop

In the Loop at work during Studio 5

In the Loop at work during Studio 5

Good to have the opportunity to be outside with my family without worrying about the kids running off as there was so much support provided. Feel like… I was comfortable with the people, wasn’t being judged, I felt at ease. I felt free, I don’t have the opportunity to go outside like this. The area that was chosen was really nice
— Mum with 3 children aged 3,2 and 1
Family time together, the staff helped us a lot. It was sunny! Every 3 months something like this! Good memories today
— Two Syrian teenagers with mother and father
I was going to message you and say a big Jazakallah khayr for inviting us along. I had a lovely time alhumdulillah and my girls came back smiling. Allah reward you for organising and taking us along. It was a lovely day. The company was excellent
— Parent

Who’s behind In the Loop

Suffia Hussain, Ellie Clarke-Jacques, Alice Weaver, Nuha Abdo, Shaz Ajmal, Tina Gordon, Kathy and Ginnie Herbert

“Our role in the Lab has been to design and develop In the Loop using our joint knowledge and understanding of positive experiences for children under 5 as well as confidence in parents and volunteers.”

Mission statement:

“In the Loop exists to empower parents to empower other families and to build community support networks. In the Loop offers training and support programme for parents wanting to support families with children aged 0-5”


“In the Loop wants to help create a world where under 5's get to have positive experiences that build resilience and relationships, and where parents, including the volunteers, grow in confidence.”


Austerity has massively reduced resources available in the Early Years system. Families are unable to reach out in a way that builds community, and there is little or no community development attached to the services provided.

We have identified that families need support and resources in getting out and connecting to community activities and services. The reality is that many families are isolated and lacking resources and support (mental, physical and financial) to get out of the house and meet others. And that there is very little outreach work done now in the Early Years system.


In the Loop is organised as a 'bottom up' community driven response to the situation that vulnerable families are experiencing in Oxford. The group consists of other parents that volunteer to reach out to families and provide enjoyable experiences for children.

Providing experiences for families helps increase confidence, resilience, community spirit and lessen mental health issues amongst families. As parents volunteer they build their capacity, realise their strengths, and start providing solutions within their own communities. Slowly communities are enriched, and the empowerment of community champions takes place.

At the moment In the Loop operates in the area of Rosehill. Long term, with sustainable funding, it’s possible to build robust local networks in several deprived areas in Oxford that prioritise the needs of families and very young children, and reduce sharp end social services intervention.

JazakAllah for taking him, he had a fantastic day maashaAllah 😘
— Parent
Asalam aleikum sis thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to be part of the wonderful day today. Me and the boys had so much fun. Jazakallah
— Parent