LOLAH at work during Studio 5

LOLAH at work during Studio 5

We joined the library for the LOLAH session and now we read more books
— Parent
In the session I realised that I’m not just a good or a bad parent - there are things I can learn about being a parent
— Parent
We now have more confidence with play and learning
— Parent

Who’s behind In the LOLAH

Valerie Knight; Rebecca Matthews; Lindsey Hart; Daisy Brown

“As a team we represent voices and expertise from the Early Years sector, primary education and library provision. Our role in the Lab has been to design and develop LOLAH using our joint knowledge and understanding of supporting early language and communication.“

Mission statement:

“Little Ones Learning At Home supports parent-child interactions by promoting parental understanding of ways to support the language and communication development of their child (aged 0-2) by offering interactive library-based sessions, and a pop-up concept which visits community projects and environments. LOLAH aims to develop a parent-led approach.”


“That the language and communication development of 0-2 year olds in Oxford will be actively promoted by the families and the community in order to boost receptive and expressive language outcomes at school entry.”


The social mobility gap in Oxford is historical and many existing solutions (for example the Early Years training offering, and third sector providers) do not appear to have bridged this gap sufficiently, so it is clear that there is a need for something which brings together Early Years theory, knowledge and experience, evidence-based strategies, and active parent/carer involvement.


LOLAH aims to support families living in regeneration areas in Oxford by offering freely accessible sessions which foster positive parent-child relationships, develop parental understanding of ways to promote their child’s language and communication, and enhance the existing Early Years offerings in Oxford.

The sessions are executed in two different ways.

  1. A pop-up concept which will visit toddler groups, stay and play sessions, community groups, health clinics (etc.) in order to share evidence-driven ideas for enhancing language and communication.

  2. A series of parent-led sessions on language and communication; parents trained in evidence-driven techniques and activities which can then be shared in LOLAH sessions run by parents for parents.