Lab Team Sign Up

Members of the Lab team are working on the prototypes over the summer months. If you want to join the Lab team but couldn't attend the kickoff workshop, you can choose to join one of the existing teams.

We can make space for up to 2 extra people in each of the teams, and in order to join you need to be able to do the following:

  1. Complete this application form - we will then put you in touch with the team so that you have all their contact details
  2. Meet with the team you are interested in supporting before the 2nd of July - agree with them how you can support the team. You can find out more about the teams here
  3. Attend an Orientation session at Turl Street on Monday 2nd of July 3pm to 4:30pm
  4. Attend the Studio dates for the Lab team - 10th of July, 7th of August, 6th of September - we appreciate that people will have summer holidays during this time, but we expect people will miss maximum one of the studios.
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Please complete the form below

Name *
Are you a parent, an academic, professional etc.
I confirm that I have reviewed and understand the design for the Oxford Early Years Rapid Action Lab and agree I can participate in all the Lab Team activities outlined. *
Do you have the ability to commit approximately 90 hours of dedicated time to the working with lab between June to September 2018?
If you feel unclear here, please give Sara a shout with any clarification questions.
Lab Participants Profile
For the benefit of other participants and to build our community around the Early Years system in Oxford we’ll be showcasing participants on the website. Please provide a picture and twitter handle (optional).
Are you alright with being showcased on the website? *
*Note: If yes, we will use the 'why would you like to participate in the lab?' section of this form as part of your profile. Please take a moment to check you are happy with the content of your answer and that it is suitable for this purpose. Thanks! For examples see the Lab Team page:
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