Joining the Tots

Joining the Tots at work during Studio 5

Joining the Tots at work during Studio 5


Who’s behind Oxplorers

Cheryl Huntbach, Clare Crossley, Dave Tullett

As a team we represent voices and expertise from the Early Years sector. Our role in the Lab has been to design and develop our idea and share it more broadly across the Lab teams.“

Mission statement:

“A way to make more visible and accessible information about the services that already exist to support under 5’s in Cutteslowe.”


“If only one ‘invisible’ child is able to access services and improve their social and emotional development - that seems like a big impact.”


There are a number of high quality services for under 5’s in the Cutteslowe area. The issue is that some families are not aware of these services or don’t feel able to venture out to use them. The services are excellent, the challenge is that they don’t have the time or resources to reach out to these families.

By showing families where the services are they may feel more confident to venture out and use them. This will have a positive effect on their social and emotional development and provide opportunities to find a sense of connection and well-being in the community.

The first iteration is a physical map showing the location and opening times of under 5 services and activities in the Cutteslowe area.

The map stems from wanting to create an initiative for “invisible” children and families who are not able to access the services and support that they need to build social confidence, connection and feel integrated into their community. The belief is that parents and children will gain social and personal communication skills; feel more integrated into their community and will benefit from increased socialisation by accessing local services.